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Description Price Part #
Kevlar pads or shoes - specify car $84.95 exchange #KBPS78
Carbon Kevlar pads $100; $90 #CKP8 (TR8); #CKPMidget (TR7)
TR7 rebuilt calipers (exchange - core will need to be returned)           $69.95 eachTR7rblt caliper
TR8 rebuilt calipers (exchange - core needs to be returned. Core must
be a TR8. TR7 cores will not be accepted
$89.95TR8rblt caliper
Rebuilt TR8 brake booster $285 exchange #TR8boosterR
Rebuilt TR7 brake booster$250.00/exchangeTR7boosterR
Full metallic pads or shoes - Not recommended for street use. $110 exchange #FMBPS78
TR8 Big Brake Conversion - includes rebuilt calipers (exchange) and pads. Pad area increased by approx. 23% $275  
Brake pads for above conversion $34.95 #D83
TR7 Big Brake Conversion CFP  
Modified brake proportioning valve (increases stopping power and reduces nose-dive) $45 (exch) #MPropValve
Steelbraid brake hose set (replaces rubber flex hoses. Two front caliper flex lines, and one rear flex line.) $79.95 #SBBHTR78


Description Price Part #
Adjustable Front Strut Set (2) by GAZ - for a Triumph TR7 and TR8. GAZ struts have a Zinc plated body that resists salt spray and road grime and looks great. Every unit is fully tested when dispatched from the factory with an individual dynamometer report to insure quality. With this shock you get a 30 point rotary adjustments providing the facility for fine tuning without the need to remove the shock absorber from the car. $399.95 #GA1 - 1006
Adjustable Rear Shock Set (2) by GAZ - for a Triumph TR7 and TR8. GAZ shocks have a Zinc plated body that resists salt spray and road grime and looks great. Every unit is fully tested when dispatched from the factory with an individual dynamometer report to insure quality. With this shock you get a 30 point rotary adjustments providing the facility for fine tuning without the need to remove the shock absorber from the car. $189.95 GT4 - 2276
Short Front UMB Stops - Short urethane front bump stops – a must when fitting shorter springs. $29.95 / pair #UKC1101US
NEW! TR8 Subframe for TR7 V8 Conversion Click here for more details! $425 w/ $100 core charge #RKC927R
TR7/TR8 Strut Tower Brace Set
Main Cross Brace Between Towers - NOTE - parts are no longer powder coated.
Parts will come with alight coat of primer applied for protection of bare metal.
We can have them powder coated in your color choice - call for price
Rear Triangulated Bar Set
KYB gas shocks - set of 4
KYB gas front strut insert
KYB gas rear shock
Spax front shocks $415.00  (pair) #TAG-1017-1
Spax rear shocks $254.95 (pair) #G-585
Pro rear shocks - 5 valve.  Non-adjustable $74.95ea #400
Koni front shock $CFP #82P2057
Pro adjustable rear shocks - 5 valve $84.95 #400-A
Needle bearing strut pivot kit - includes Delrin strut shaft bushings and thrust needle bearings to ease steering effort. $39.95 #NBK
Front sway bar (direct replacement, not an "add-on" bar approx 34% rate increase) $141.95 #FSB78
Rear Sway bar - 34% rate increase $124.95 #RSB78
Uprated Road springs (lowers car about 1") accurate within 2%; guaranteed   to never set or sag $209.95/set of 4 #V078
Big front wheel bearing kit - replaces small outer wheel bearing with a larger bearing. This keeps the hub from distorting. Kit includes modified hub, new  outer wheel bearings and seals. Price is exchange. You will need to return your  front hubs. (this would be a good time to replace your inner front wheel bearings - we can supply these as well) 2 required. $124.95 ea #FHK78
Rear axle stop - helps control rear axle "wind-up". 2 required $2.95 ea #X7493

Urethane suspension bushings:

Urethane suspension bushings - gives consistent suspension response and not affected by oil or road film. Replaces all rear control arm bushings plus front strut to chassis control arm bushings. Bushings are designed as 2 piece bushings and come with steel sleeves. $104.95 #VTS1580
Urethane sway bar bushings - replaces all sway bar bushings. $23 #USB78
Nylatron or Delrin (not recommended for street use) CFP  
Intermediate steering shaft - A complete replacement shaft with repairable, replaceable u-joints. Much stronger than original. Specify TR7 or TR8. $184.95 #ISS78
Steering column firewall urethane bushing. Gain a more positive steering response. Keeps the steering column from moving around in the firewall. $14.95  UKC2322U
Urethane subframe bushing set. Replaces all rubber bushings mounting
the subframe to the unibody. Gives a more positive suspension response.
$42.95 USFB78
Spring Pad Set (TR7/ TR8) $51.95  
TR7/TR8 5 speed transmission shift tower bushiing set (8 pcs)$11.45USTB


Description Price Part #


TR8 engine mounts - engine block - UKC4227 RH & UKC4221 is LH. Allows any Rover V8 or GM 215 to bolt to the TR8 subframe. These are unique to TR8 application. Not the same mounts used on a Rover SD1, Land Rover, original GM 215.  These can be powder coated or painted as required, shown in raw steel.

TR8/TR7 (5 speed) poly coated transmission mount   $39.95                                  
$54.95  eachUKC4227
Pistons - depends on piston size and compression ratio. Compression ratio available from 8.8 to 10.5. Forged pistons and custom profiled pistons are available - CFP. NOTE: we do not recommend forged pistons for street applications! $400/average  
Cylinder Head Modifications including: Alternate Valves, Porting, and Extrude Hone. Call for price  
Cams - a wide variety of profiles available that will give you power at different RPM ranges. Example, a heavy vehicle or an autocross car needs the power at the low end of the scale while a pure race car needs power at the upper end of the RPM band. See cam spec sheet.    
Street performance cam kit (2800 - 5500 rpm power band; includes cam, lifters, double row timing chain and gear set w/adjustable sprocket.) $395.00 (cam only)
$525 (cam & lifters)
$605 (cam, lifters, chain)    

Double Row Roller timing chain with 3 position sprocket - includes chain, and both gears $79.95 #TRCV8
Roller Rocker Arms - TR8/Rover V8 (also GM version). Aluminum rocker arm with roller tip and force feed oiling to tip and pushrod. Oilite bronze bushed so no need for special rocker shaft. NOTE - you will need to use different pushrods due to roller rocker pushrod cup size.  See item below.
$490/set #TRV8RR
High performance valve springs - good seat pressure but no need
to modify the valve spring pocket.
$80/set #SBi/160-1475
Chromoly alloy tubular pushrods for use with #TRV8RR
Camshaft alternatives - Most cam prices are comparable with our street cam price. Call for specifics on your application or other valve-train variables such as pushrods, lifter and rocker arms.    
Large capacity 3 row radiator -no adapting, cutting, finding hoses, etc.
We reuse your radiator tanks so all fittings and mountings are in
correct location..  This unit is sold on an exchange basis.
$75.00 (exchange)  
European SU carb's - used carb & manifold set. Works well on stock or lightly modified engine. $250   
Velocity stacks for 1 3/4" SU's.   CNC machined short aluminum stacks.  Will also fit stock Zenith Stormberg carbs on TR7 or TR8. $39.95/pr #VS175
Edelbrock manifold with Edlebrock 500 carb kit
(rejetted to work  with 3.5 or 4.0 engine)
1 – Edelbrock 500 carb w/manual  choke 
(add  $45.00 for Edlebrock 1403 carb w/electric choke)
1 – Edelbrock 2198 Performer intake manifold
1 – Thermostat housing with correct extra water pipe and gasket
1 – Composite valley cover gasket with correct seals
1 – 14” chrome air filter assembly
1 – Accelerator cable bracket
$899.95 #E2198+
Options for above - 5 degree wedge plate to level carburetor   $48.99M65030
Edlebrock intake manifold only  $402.95#E2198
Edlebrock 500 carb (manual choke) - rejetted to work with 3.5/4.0
Electric choke - #EDL1403 - $483.95                                                                                                                                                            
$427.95 #EDL-1404
Used Buick carb/manifold $100  
Other options - call to discuss your application    
K & N air filter for stock TR8 with carbs $44.94 each #332094
Aluminum flywheel with replaceable steel
friction insert.
$410 ALFLYV8
Light flywheel - (22 lbs vs 32 lbs stock) steel w/ring gear. This is a NEW flywheel, not a stock unit that has been lightened. Multipatterned to
accept TR/Rover, Ford & GM pressure plates.
$329.95 #B215LW
3 piece clutch kit - New Borg & Beck pressure plate, clutch disc and release bearing - TR8 application $247 #BBV83
High performance clutch kit - NOTE: This only fits our light flywheel. Will not work with stock flywheel.  
This is also available for the Borg Warner T5 transmission.
$249.95 #HPCK5.0
Steel Braid Stainless Clutch Hose (TR7/ TR8) This is a 1 piece hose
from clutch master to slave cylinder.  Eliminates hard line on TR7
and 3 piece hose assembly on TR8.
$69.95 UKC3882SS


Pistons - 9.25 compression ratio - standard to .040" oversize $385/set #UKC8519
Cam - good all around performance - see cam spec sheet. NOTE: because of the overhead cam design, the cam must be hardfaced. Don't be fooled by the $100 cams - they may not last. $165 #119
1 3/4" SU carbs - Work very well with stock or modified engine.
Note: We bring these in from the UK so availability will vary
$250/pr used
Rebuilt head - includes performance cam, completely serviced, assembled, valves adjusted and ready to install. $745.00 #TR7RHP
Rebuilt head - Same as above but with stock cam. (NOTE: cylinder head prices are exchange.) $625.00 #TR7RHS
Exhaust system:    
V8 "Test Pipes" $99.95/set #TV8TP
V8 Headers (ceramic coating available - CFP) $475.00 #1040
Big Bore V8 headers for use with larger displacement engines $545.00 #1040BB
V8 Tail pipe set - Over the axle pipes with no resonators.                                                                                 


Same as above in stainless steel - Original  size pipes. $185.00


4 cyl. tail pipe set - Over the axle pipe with no resonator. $75 #TR7TPS
4 cyl. tail pipe set - Over the axle pipe with no resonator - stainless$95#TR7TPS/SS
4 cyl. Header (ceramic coating available - CFP) $199 #1068
4 cyl. header - ceramic coated - Call for Pricing#1068CERAMIC
4 cyl. RACE Header. Exact copy of Group 44 header reproduced
from an original header.  Yes, we do have the flow figures!
$395.00#1069 - 44
Gear Reduction Starters    
TR8 gear reduction starter - not affected by heat.  See starter spec sheet. $245 #114
TR7 gear reduction starter $225 #1206-9TR7
Large capacity 3 row radiator  No adapting, cutting finding hoses, etc.
We reuse your original tanks for everyhting fits. All mounts are in their
original positions. This unit is sold on an exchange basis.
$375.00 (exchange) #3RTR7
* = price will vary by air filter, linkage kit, etc


Description Price Part #
Oil cooler (installation cost will vary by type of fittings, hose length, etc. Other cooler sizes/configurations available - CFP) $89.95/13 row #13rowC
Remote oil filter mount $14.95 - 39.95 (depending on configuration) #ROFMTR78
V8 oil filter "take-off" plate (for use w/remote filter/cooler - fixed outlets) $17.95 #TOPF
V8 oil filter"take-off" plate w/adjustable outlet positions $59.95 #TOP1LP
V8 oil pump base take-off plate for remote filter.   This  
replaces the bottom of the oil pump and has 2 outlets.   Increase the clearance below the bottom of the pump
$194.95 #ARC1
TR7 spin-on oil filter adaptor $69.95 #SK7
Steelbraid hose and fittings - Price varies by size & type CFP
Footwell Vents $114.95 per set #YKC566SS
Fog lamp brackets  - Stainless steel
FHC (coupe) or DHC (convt)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       $39.95                                                                                                                       
U-joint driveshaft - Replaces CV joint driveshaft with a repairable, serviceable u-jointed driveshaft. Specify TR7 or TR8.

Note: the differential flange must have two holes enlarged for mounting new driveshaft.  Instructions are included. 

If you do not want to do this modification, we have two other options.

 Option #1 is an already modified differential pinion flange.  This is the best way to go if you are planning on installing a new pinion seal.  Flange is sold on an exchange basis. 

Option #2 is an adapter already drilled  for both bolt patterns. Comes with  new mounting bolts.

















Delco alternator conversion (TR8 only at this time) specify whether you have a single plug to the alternator or 3 individual wires $129.95 #V8DC
Rollbar (specify coupe or roadster)  Note - our street and race bar are  the same design.  The street bar is shorter to clear the top and does not have a diagonal brace as required for the race bar. $495/street bar;  
$595/race bar
Rollcage -  weld-in assembly
Roll cage - bolt-in                                                                           $795.00                                                                                                                                                           

Rollbar padding - colors available $4.50 for 3' length  
Race Only body panels (too thin for street use) CFP  
Battery disconnect switch (with removeable key) - Great for anti-theft. Required in all race applications. $12.95  #BKS1
MechanixWear gloves - Sizes XS - XL - Helps the professional mechanic and enthusiast work with confidence. Protects hands from heat and cold while retaining manual dexterity with increased finger grip control. Worn by pit crews from Daytona to the Saturday night dirt tracks. Available in red, yellow, blue and black. $14.95 #MWG

CFP = Call For Price

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