Triumph TR7 & TR8 Strut Tower Brace

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Adjustable Rod Ends

V8 with 4 barrel carb

Buy this set in any of the following packages:

Package 1: Main cross bar between $225.00

Package 2: Rear facing triangulated bars with rear mounting bracket. $185.00

Package 3: Full strut tower brace set include all items in package 1 and 2. $395.00

A real strut tower brace. Designed and engineered to improve the cornering of the Wedge cars. We used this on our TR8 race car. It made a difference in lap times. During cornering, strut towers try to lean inward. This causes camber changes and loss of contact patch of tire. Not a good situation when you are trying to go fast.  But, wait, you say. “I don’t have a race car, I autocross.” Good point. Except, auto crossing is a violent sport in terms of suspension loads. Even though a race car may go through a 90 degree bend at much higher speeds, a 90 degree bend around a pylon is much tighter with far less time for the suspension to set before it unloads. So, tires need to remain as square to the pavement as possible. Racing, auto crossing or just driving you car like a sports car was meant to be driven, this bar works!

Our fully adjustable brace allows strut towers to have a pre-load. This pre-load can compensate for driver’s weight. We found that a 200 pound weight in the driver’s seat made a ¼ degree camber difference. Strut towers can flex, distort, bend or be “tweaked” by accident damage. We measured 9 different cars for the prototype bars and found variations of up to ½” in distance between fixed chassis points. So, a fixed mounting type of brace may have to be modified to fit your car. 

Made from 4130 chromoly steel alloy with left and right hand thread rod ends for easy adjustment. These are the same components used in race car chassis. Strut bar(s) can be easily adjusted to fit your car. No need to file open mounting holes to make the bar fit. Strut brace set-up is easily removable for quick access to engine bay components. No need to unbolt the assembly. Just pull the mounting pin and the bar comes off. 

The TSI strut brace is expandable. You can just the brace between the strut towers. Or, you can buy the rear bars to triangulate the system. The rear bars may be added at any time. No need to buy anything but the rear bar kit. Kit consists of 2 rear bars with left and right hand thread rod ends and rear mounting plate. Mounts for rear bars to attach to strut tower are already built into the basic tower brace kit. 

NOTE 1.  This is for TR8 with stock carbs or a 4 barrel conversion. It will NOT work with 
                fuel injection. If you are using this with stock carbs, you will need to use small
                round air filters. The bars will not clear the stock air filter box.

NOTE 2.  The TR7 version will be done shortly. As with the TR8, it will NOT fit the
                injected model and you must replace stock air filter assembly with individual air

TSI strut brace features:

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